Sapporo racecourse opens family-friendly turf park

The Sapporo Racecourse, one of the JRA’s ten major horse racing tracks, recently opened a “Turf Park” to better accommodate family outings by offering non-racing entertainment options for children and their parents.

According to the JRA, which spent 850 million yen (US$7.7 million) to construct the elaborate playground, no other race track in Japan possesses similar facilities.

Aside from other activities, children are given an opportunity to feed miniature horses, engage in horseback riding, play on a gravity rail, or ride in electric buggies. For the care of infants, there are diaper change cribs and nursing rooms. Much of the playground is designed so that it may be used even in rainy weather.

The addition of the Turf Park is aimed at stimulating more visitation to the horse track and to provide it a more family-friendly atmosphere.