SA Gaming introduces “Double Happiness” slot

    As the Chinese proverb goes “good things come in pairs”, SA Gaming has brought to you a new slot game “Double Happiness”, which brings you luck and doubles your winnings.

    The 3×5-reel “Double Happiness” plays 243 ways, and is based on the five-fold happiness (luck, prosperity, longevity, happiness and wealth) in traditional Chinese culture. Among them, there is the Wild Substitute, ‘double happiness’, which is comprised of two ‘happiness’. It appears on Reels 2, 3 and 4 to give players huge winnings!

    “Double happiness” is paired with a new Double Reel feature. It appears at every game: at the start of a spin, there are at least two adjacent reels identically duplicated. Reel duplication can be applied up to 4 contiguous reels, winning big prizes in pairs!




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