Russia proposes easing restrictions on sports betting ads

Russia’s Communications Ministry proposed a bill that would allow 24-hour advertising for betting and bookmaking offices, amending Article 27 of the Law on Advertising, the Russian Legal Information Agency reports.

However, there would be certain restrictions regarding the content of the advertisements. The ads can’t appeal to minors or suggest betting could be a source of income, neither can they exaggerate the probability of winning or minimize the risk.

The gambling ads would be permitted on radio and television, at physical fitness and sports facilities, online, in the buildings where this activity takes place, as well as in the print media. However, ads for betting would be prohibited at railway terminals, airports, metro stations and other similar facilities, the report said.

Under the current wording of Article 27 of the Law on Advertising, betting ads are only allowed on radio and television, at the sites of such activities and in specialized publications, and only from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.