Resona Bank creates Yumeshima IR development team


Resona Bank Vice-President Hajime Kosaka has been giving a series of interviews to Japanese newspapers explaining that his firm has established a sixteen-department, fifty-person project team dedicated to the development of the prospective Yumeshima IR and the 2025 World Expo.

“If an IR is realized in the Kansai region,” he was quoted as saying, “we will have business opportunities for our business partners. We want to help revitalize the Kansai economy through business matching.”

The Resona Bank staff involved in the project team come not only from sales departments, but also include those focused on new technologies such as cashless payments and mobile phone app development.

“I want the Resona Group to play a role as a pipeline to expand business opportunities for our small and medium-sized business partners,” he said.

In November, Resona will begin holding lecture events for its local business partners, and a representative of MGM Resorts has been invited to come and speak to them.