Regulator asks IPI to double check local employee numbers

The Commonwealth Casino Commission has asked Imperial Pacific if it still meets the required number of local hires amid recent resignations or terminations of local employees.

Earlier this week, the Saipan casino operator said it will continue to abide by the conditions of its license agreement in regards to imported labor.

In a statement to local media, the company said it “would continue to follow and meet what is required based on the exclusive casino license agreement,” adding current import labor is at 45 percent.”

Imperial Pacific vice president for human resources Bertha Leon Guerrero told the commission that over half of their 1,000 employees are locals/U.S. citizens.

However, according to the Marianas Variety, the report she submitted to the regulator indicated that 30 percent of their local workers had been terminated or resigned from their jobs.

Commission Chairman Juan Sablan followed up by asking Guerrero the reasons for the resignations and terminations, and reminded the company to ensure that it continues to meet the required number of U.S. workers.

Gov. Ralph Torres in a statement said: “I encourage all businesses to develop our workforce needs through hiring our local and U.S. eligible workers. Many, especially in entry level positions, require training and support to succeed in our economy. We need to see to it that the gains of our economy spread throughout our community. In this current environment of labor shortages, the extra effort to train and retain U.S. workers is in the best interest of us all.”

Imperial Pacific says it will submit the annual plan for workforce employment before November 2016 as required by the casino license agreement.