Rapid expansion seen for 2019

1) What has been the biggest development for your company in Asia this year?

A strategically executed 2018 plan has seen eBET’s player base double, enabling rapid expansion in 2019. The biggest development in the first quarter of 2019  has been the addition of 23 Live Dealer tables through the launch of eBET’s second Asian Live Dealer casino.

2) Where are you experiencing the most demand at present?

Our core Chinese speaking markets continue to remain strong. However, in terms of player growth, Thailand and Vietnam are expanding at exponential rates. In late 2018 these markets have transitioned from developing markets to self-sustainable growth markets.

3) What are your plans for 2019?

eBET continues to strengthen our position in the gaming industry.  In 2019 we will invest in the categories that we believe we can gain the most market share: mobile, innovative game content and partner growth.

eBET’s award-winning mobile-first mentality will continue to evolve with updates to our apps. Mobile is the fastest-growing platform contributing 80 percent of overall bets last year.

eBET is well-positioned to help drive innovation in digital gaming and contribute to an improved customer experience for operators. Product development such as interactive hosts, customized product look-and-feel and ease of integration with gaming partners will drive the digital transformation of the gaming sector and encourage player adoption.

4) Which do you see being the most promising markets in the next few years?

Empowering the next generation of mobile gamers is incredibly important to the future of the industry.  With a redesigned product offering that encourages young people to engage with our games, eBET believes we have tapped into the largest growth market available today.

5) Are you making any changes in Asia, either expanding your team, or management, to take advantage of market opportunities?

Our second studio expansion will add over 250 headcounts in the first half of this year to support our expansion in SEA.