Problem gambling affects 200,000 Australians: survey

Almost 200,000 people in Australia suffer from problem gambling, according to figures from the The Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia survey (HILDA).

The survey results, appearing in a report from The Guardian, saw that older men were more likely to gamble than women. Men also spent more than average than women when gambling, with highest expenditure occurring in middle-aged and older groups.

Lottery was the most common type of gambling, followed by instant scratch tickets, and then slot machines. Betting on horse and dog races, and sports betting took the 4th and 5th spot.

However, in terms of average spend, gamblers spent the most on poker, followed by slot machines, and then horse and dog racing.

The survey estimated that problem gambling affects around 1.5 percent of men, and 0.8 percent of women in the country.