Pride Group acquires offshore casino vessel from Illinois

Goa offshore casino company Pride Group on Thursday said it has purchased a riverboat from Illinois, to substitute for its two casino vessels as they undergo repairs in 2019.

The new vessel named ‘Argosy IV’ will be used as a spare vessel to fill in for Casino Pride I and Casino Pride II which will go for repairs in Ratnagiri in 2019.

Shrinivas Nayak, director of Pride Group of Casinos and Hotels reassured media and the public that the vessel is not a new casino, and that the company is merely switching vessels temporarily as the other two go for repairs.

The Argosy IV previously operated as an offshore casino in Illinois.

After being sold, it was moved and loaded onto the Eide Trader at New Orleans.

The Argosy IV includes three levels and has 36,000 square feet of gaming space.