PJ asks operators to prioritize frontline security

The Judiciary Police on Tuesday urged casino operators to prioritize security on the frontlines, Macau TDM reports.

Judiciary Police director Chau Wai Kuong says they are currently analyzing the reports submitted by the city’s six gaming operators on their proposed updated security measures.

“The existing gaming enterprises have to strengthen the frontline staff, especially the security areas at the entrances and exits,” said Chau.

“First a communication mechanism has to be set up. That is the frontline; internal security workers, and the bureau officers, as well as colleagues in the supervising venues or rooms, will share surveillance camera recordings and information. We are analyzing the opinions now,” he stated.

In addition to strengthening security, Chau said police authorities have good communication mechanisms in place with the neighbouring regions.

There has been regional exchange of information, joint operations, and the running of drills for the prevention of terrorist attacks, he noted.