Osaka Governor Matsui wants to select IR operator within a year

Osaka generic
Osaka generic

Just as he did with the IR Implementation Act, Osaka Governor Ichiro Matsui, is once again pushing the national government to speed up its deliberations and to move with greater alacrity. He says that Osaka wants to tentatively select its operator partner within a year with an eye to opening the Yumeshima IR by 2024.

Governor Matsui proposed that “the central government can designate those local areas that have already raised their hands as ‘planned certification areas’ and then it would be okay to later narrow them down to three locations.”

Governor Matsui believes that the ‘planned certification area’ designation will help the local governments extract more serious commitments from IR operators and thus accelerate the overall process.

With the goal of opening the Yumeshima IR well in advance of the hoped-for hosting of the 2025 World Expo at Yumeshima, Governor Matsui is concerned that, left to their own devices, central government bureaucrats will slow down to the process to a frustrating degree: “At this rate it will take them four or five years to select the locations,” he lamented.


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