Online rummy now a “dangerous activity” in Telangana law

India president Ram Nath Kovind has given his approval of a new law in Telangana which places wagering and betting under the ambit of dangerous activities, the same class used to classify for drug dealing and kidnapping.

The new legislation dates back to late 2017 when the Telangana government passed a gaming amendment bill to ban all games involving stakes.

Under the new amendments, all games (including games of skill) that involve money were included under the ambit of gambling and were made cognizable and non-bailable offenses.

However, near the same time, the legislative assembly also passed a Bill amending the Prevention of Dangerous Activities Amendment Bill, which saw to it that any person to have committed or abetted offenses under the Telangana Gaming Act can now be detained by an order of the Commissioner of Police or District Magistrate for a total period of up to one year, without any trial or bail.

The bill, however, had to go under examination by the Union Ministry of Home Affairs, which sought certain clarifications from the Telangana governments.

Since then, the amendments have been approved by the Indian president, and the Bill is now finally said to be in force.