Okada Manila executives promote IR at Tokyo Tourism Expo

    Okada Manila President Kenji Sugiyama and Vice-Chairman Antonio Cojuangco spoke at the Tourism Expo Japan 2018 to promote increased Japanese visits to their IR in the Philippines and also to discuss general lessons from their experience for the future of the Japanese IR market.

    Facilitating the discussion was Masayoshi Oiwane, head of the Japan Casino School.

    The topics were broad, with Sugiyama explaining such matters as the impact that Okada Manila has had on employment and economic development in the Philippines. There was also substantial coverage of the entertainment options available at Okada Manila, with the nightclub Cove Manila mentioned repeatedly.

    As for Tiger Resort, Leisure and Entertainment’s interest in expanding to Japan, Sugiyama offered only cautious observations. He noted that the terms of regulation for the Japanese market remained unclear. At this point, Tiger Resort’s new office in Tokyo would concentrate on two missions: becoming a gateway for more Japanese tourists to visit Okada Manila and carefully study the possibility of making a bid in the Japanese IR market.