Offshore casinos won’t have trade licenses renewed

    Casino Goa, Panaji

    The City of Panaji has passed a resolution not to renew the trade licenses of its offshore casinos at the end of their term, local media reports.

    “I spoke to the MLA (Atanasio Monserrate) and we took a decision that CCP will not renew their licenses when they come up for renewal next,” Madkaikar told reporters.

    “They will not be able to do business here. They will have to shift their business operations and will have to automatically move their entry point out of Panaji.”

    Madkaikar said that the signboard registrations for casinos would also not be renewed. 

    Monserrate told the house that 80 percent of those visiting offshore casinos during the week are Goans, while tourists visited mostly on weekends. 

    Last week, Goa chief minister Pramod Sawant promised the legislative assembly that he will finalize a date to bar Goan from local casinos.

    Sawant was responding to questions from legislators about their request to not allow locals in casinos.