Nazara Technologies enters real money quiz space

Indian gaming startup Nazara Technologies has entered the real money quiz space through the purchase of a 27.4 percent stake in development studio CrimzonCode, which owns the TopQuiz franchise.

Real money quiz apps have been gaining momentum in the Indian market, cutting across age groups, gender and socio-economic class.

Manish Agarwal, CEO, Nazara Technologies, said: “Quizzing is very popular among Indians and is a source of clean fun and a booster of self-pride. It cuts across age groups, gender, and socio-economic class. We believe that the team at CrimzonCode has got an endorsement from its users in the form of high-level engagement and that this opportunity to earn real money combined with the fun of quizzing is expected to set the Indian market abuzz.”

Devavrat Jatia, founder of CrimzonCode, said, “Quizzing, combined with real money, has immense potential. We believe that having the backing of Nazara as an investor and publisher will provide us with a springboard to launch real money quiz in 61 countries across the emerging markets where Nazara had its presence, as on September 30, 2017.”

The gaming company has been snapping up a number of gaming, DFS and real money gaming startups over the last year.

It’s first real money gaming acquisition was Kenya’s NZ World in June, which offers sports betting. Nazara plans to launch a number of sport-related games, as well as arcade and quiz games.