Midnight Bicycle Racing revenues up 13.7 percent

Midnight Bicycle Racing is boosting the otherwise flagging revenues of bicycle racing across the nation. According to the latest figures released by the National Bicycle Racing Enforcement Council, Midnight Bicycle Racing revenues combined with the associated telephone bets were up 13.7 percent nationally in the April-September period over the previous year’s figures, and they accounted for 45.1 percent of all bicycle racing income.

Midnight Bicycle Racing, despite the name, does not occur at midnight, but rather in the period from around 9pm to 11pm. Viewers and bettors are not allowed into the velodrome, but rather participate online from their own homes. The Midnight Bicycle Racing program began in 2011 and has become popular with the fans.

Meanwhile, the number of actual visitors to daytime velodrome races saw an 8.4 percent decline.

Overall, bicycle racing revenues in the six-month period were up 1.4 percent to just under 316.5 billion yen (about US$2.85 billion).