Major robbery in Aichi pachinko parlor parking lot

A pachinko industry-related businessman was robbed of 30 million yen (about USD263,000) in cash in Chiryu city, Aichi Prefecture, on Oct. 5th.

The crime took place in the parking lot of the Mega Concorde 1020 pachinko parlor when an employee for a company that sells prizes to the pachinko parlor was attacked from behind by a single man who hit him on the head, pushed him to the ground, grabbed the bag with the money, and ran away from the scene. The thief remains at large.

Violent crime is unusual in Japan, but pachinko parlors, which can deal with large sums of money on a daily basis, can sometimes be targeted.

In August, a similar crime took place in Hokkaido, when an armed robber threatened the female manager of a pachinko parlor with a kitchen knife and made off with 1.44 million yen (about USD13,000) in cash.