Lottoland mulls High Court challenge

Lottoland is considering a High Court challenge if the Australian parliament passes legislation banning betting on overseas lotteries, local media reports.

The government, under Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, has threatened to ban synthetic lotteries, claiming they are undercutting the business of local newsagents who sell traditional lottery tickets and depriving the state of revenue to fund sports and welfare programs.

However, the company has been working on a revenue sharing deal with newsagents who back the company.

“With 700,000 customers in Australia, we’re going to continue to fight this,” The Australian cited Lottoland chief executive Luke Brill as saying.

Lottoland and newsagents are in negotiations on a revenue-sharing deal, with the gambling company offering a 12 percent of sales.

Legislation banning Lottoland’s business model is due to be debated in the House of Representatives on Wednesday.