Lawmakers educated on the role of MICE in IR complexes

The Japan IR Association (JIRA) held its second event within the Diet Building complex on March 5, this time focusing on MICE and the role they are expected to play within Japan’s IR industry.

Before an audience of about fifty people, including more than half a dozen national lawmakers, wide-ranging lectures and a discussion on MICE policies took place, featuring a national bureaucrat, an industry consultant, and a strong delegation of MICE-related executives from Caesars Entertainment.

The first lecture was given by Toshiya Morishige, the secretary-general of the Abe Cabinet’s Headquarters for Promoting Development of Specified Complex Tourist Facilities Areas, who explained the details of the set of regulations that were published on February 1. He focused on the IR legal requirements related to the size of MICE facilities.

This was followed by lectures and then a discussion featuring Niall Murray of Murray International and Caesars’ Chief Sales Officer Michael Massari. The Caesars delegation also included company executives overseeing MICE operations in both Las Vegas and Atlantic City.