Kobe establishes anti-addiction center

    In a piecemeal fashion, Japan is beginning to strengthen its anti-addiction infrastructure in anticipation of the opening of its first IRs in the next decade. The latest step is the establishment of the Hyogo Kobe Addiction Countermeasures Center, which will include a hotline for telephone consultation.

    Kobe city, Hyogo Prefecture, is an urbanized area that is neighbor to Osaka, where the first large-scale IR is likely to be established. Presumably, quite a few residents of this prefecture would become patrons of the Yumeshima casino.

    The new anti-addiction center is run jointly by the prefectural and city government, and has two full-time mental health care workers on its staff. One of their key roles is to educate addicts and their families to addiction support groups and medical facilities as necessary.

    The Hyogo Kobe Addiction Countermeasures Center, however, is not limited to the issue of gambling addiction, but also offers support for those afflicted by alcohol or drug addiction.