Keio University provides seminar to Melco execs

Keio University
Keio University

Melco Resorts & Entertainment partnered with Keio University to give more than twenty of the IR operator’s foreign executives a seminar on Japanese history, culture, and business practices. The seminar took place in Tokyo on September 14.

Melco Chairman and CEO Lawrence Ho commented, “Keio University has a long history and is an internationally-acclaimed Japanese educational institution. It is extremely useful to understand the situation of the region where we operate in order to build our business strategy in Japan.

“I am very honored to have received a comprehensive training course prepared by Keio University for our executives, which will help us build upon the rich history of Japan. By deepening our employees’ understanding of history and culture, we will be able to introduce the unique atmosphere of Japan and convey the splendor of Japan to overseas customers in an integrated resort that will be built in the future.”

Last week, Melco announced that it would focus its IR licensing campaign on Yokohama exclusively.