Karma GEN2

Spintec will be introducing its new product line, Karma GEN2 at G2E Las Vegas.

The goal of the new product line is to enhance its existing solution Karma and make it more attractive.

When developing Karma GEN2, Spintec’s research and development team was focusing on establishing longer gaming sessions together with state-of-the-art design.

However, player comfort is at the forefront of development, so the spacious design was maintained with lots of legroom, softly padded armrests, place for drinks and their belongings. These features enable casinos to attract even more players to the game floor and make playing more appealing.

The new Karma GEN2 is entirely customizable and can be tailored to operator’s needs. With its spacious yet compact and modular design, Karma GEN2 brings a multitude of solutions – all it takes is adding or removing individual gaming stations.

Alongside Karma GEN2, visitors will also be able to marvel Spintec’s Aura amphitheatre line, featuring an ergonomic design and virtually endless customization options.

See Spintec’s all new Karma GEN2 at stand 2046 at G2E Las Vegas.