Junket workers to be barred from casinos when off-duty

    Junket workers have been added to the list of employees barred from entering casino during off-hours, in a revised law announced on Tuesday, local media reports.

    The decision was announced by the chairman of the first standing committee of the Legislative Assembly (AL), Ho Ion Sang on Tuesday – but conflicts with an earlier announcement from Ho, who said in August that junket workers would not be affected by the ban, as they had no fixed working hours, making monitoring their compliance difficult.

    According to the bill, other workers barred from casinos under the gaming bill includes gaming table workers, those that operate betting machines, cashiers, public relations workers, F&B staff, cleaners and those that work in security and surveillance.

    However, an exclusion would be applied to outsourced workers such as cleaners, security guards, F&B staff that are contracted by other companies, as these individuals might not perform jobs in casinos on a long-term basis.

    Ho said that steps are being taken to ensure clearer definitions around when security staff can be allowed to enter casinos and the use of external contractors how these cases would be impacted by the bill.

    The bill is due for further discussion on October 29.