Japanese investor eyes casino in CNMI

    A Japanese investor is reportedly making moves in CNMI, with eyes on a casino on Rota, said Saipan Mayor David M. Apatang.

    According to Marianas Variety, Apatang met with Yusho Oki of Paraisu Corp last week.

    Mr. Oki did not specify what kind of business he wanted to open, he did express interest in a casino, among other ventures.

    The executive is set to return to CNMI next month to discuss possible business ventures, however, he also spoke of his interest in developing a sister-city relationship between the island and Japan, such as student and cultural exchange programs.

    Apatang said such programs could help revive the Japanese tourism market in CNMI.

    Imperial Pacific, a casino located on Saipan, has also been looking to attract more visitors from Japan.

    According to Lu Tsai, senior vice-president of operations and improvement for Imperial Pacific in Saipan, about 20 percent of Imperial Pacific’s current visitors are from Japan, a proportion which they would like to expand in light of the fact that they tend to be above average customers.