Japan mulls casino entry fee, 30 percent tax rate

Japan is considering imposing an entry fee to casinos of Y2000 ($18.6) and imposing a tax rate of 30 percent on operators’ revenue, according to local media reports.

A government task force presented the fee proposal to Liberal Democratic party lawmakers on Wednesday. The entry charge will apply to both foreigners and locals.

Like Japanese nationals, foreign residents will also likely be required to present their My Number identification cards upon entry, Takeshi Iwaya, an LDP lawmaker who chairs the party’s policy study team on casino issues, was cited as saying in the Japan Times.

Meanwhile earlier this week,  media outlets reported the government is considering a tax rate of 30 percent. However, the rate may be scalable, rising to 40 percent for revenue between Y300 billion to Y400 billion. Revenue above Y400 billion may be taxed at 50 percent.

Lawmakers are currently thrashing out the details of the second stage in Japan’s casino legislation. The Implementation Bill is expected to be submitted to the current session of parliament.