Iwate Racing restarts after latest suspension

    Despite the fact that the cause of the steroids scandal has yet to be explained, the Iwate Prefectural Horse Racing Association (Iwate Keiba) resumed races on Saturday after a suspension of more than two weeks.

    Enhanced security measures such as 24-hour guards for all 37 stables and the installation of additional security cameras have been put in place. However, it has never been clear how this would guard against the steroid boldenone finding its way into the system of four racehorses.

    The Jun Takahashi Stables, from which three of the affected horses emerged, has agreed not to join any races until January 7 of next year.

    Iwate Governor Takuya Tasso appears to have made the decision to resume races mainly on the basis that a prolonged suspension could jeopardize, from an economic view, the continued existence of Iwate Keiba.