IR Local Alliance eager to show the charms of the Kansai region

The anticipated IR bid at Osaka Yumeshima is getting a push not only from the major business organizations in the region, but also by a group of small and medium-sized businesses who have formed the “IR Local Alliance.”

Currently composed of about 70 small companies, the webpage of the organization points out that a Japanese IR will include a casino on less than 3 percent of its floor space and that 97 percent will be about other kinds of operations.

“The Local Alliance was founded to achieve our mission to support local companies in the Kansai region taking part in the commercialization and realizing of IR in Osaka. We see the local businesses as a great compliment to the major companies working toward a common goal. Our local community consists of businesses from various fields, all familiar with the tourism, culture and cities unique to the Kansai area. We are working to spread the charm of our region to the world together with the IR businesses in order to promote our local economy,” the webpage explains.