IPI workers unhappy with final paycheck

Imperial Pacific International’s H-2B construction workers are set to start leaving the island on Saturday, but are unhappy with their final paycheck, Mariana Variety reports.

The workers said that the payroll sheet they received on Thursday morning did not indicate the amount promised to them.

The construction workers said that IPI promised that they would be paid up to January 30, the day their contract ends, including paid time off.

IPI CEO Mark Brown on Wednesday said that IPI was generous enough to pay the departing construction workers up to the 30th of this month, including those who decided to stop working early.

He added that they were also paid for their personal time-off on top of their regular paycheck, and will also get their flight tickets.

One of the workers, Jayson Artiaga, a plumber, said his payroll sheet states that he will be paid for the work he performed from Jan. 16 to 22, but he will only get paid for three days of personal time-off or from Jan. 23 to 25.

Pedrito Hernandez, also a plumber, told Variety that they provided the U.S. Department of Labor copies of their final payroll sheets. Hernandez said they were hoping that the federal government would take a look at their case.

The workers are scheduled to depart the island as early as Saturday and over the succeeding days.