Interblock installs 84-seat stadium at Okada Manila

Interblock has completed the installation of an 84-seat stadium at the new Okada Manila resort, according to a press release from the company on Tuesday.

Interblock is currently the only ETG operator on Okada Manila’s casino floor.

The Okada Stadium will offer three dealer assist generators offering Baccarat with two shoes, Roulette, and Sic Bo.

84 play stations with 27-inch high definition screens allow players to follow each active game easily, and enable players to place wagers on games individually or at the same time.

“We are thrilled to partner with Okada Manila in bringing this revolutionary Stadium gaming experiences to their casino floor,” said Michael Hu, Interblock vice president of Asia. “We are excited to continue our relationship with Okada Manila not only as partners, but as their electronic table game vendor of choice.”

Interblock Stadium solutions allow operators to easily transform a dealer-assisted Stadium into a fully automated Stadium, ensuring that the section of the casino floor is always active, and able to generate constant revenue even without the expense of live dealers.

In addition to the Okada Stadium, the deal consists of two automated Diamond Roulette configurations with eight units, bringing the total installation to 100 Interblock units.

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