Innovative portfolio showcased

    The Australasian Gaming expo will see Quixant showcase its innovative portfolio, including the QXi-400, QX-60, and an extraordinary generation of Quixant processing and graphical tech.

    Australia is a core market for the UK-headquartered company, making the AGE an ideal platform to promote their fundamental differentiators in the region.

    The QXi-400 is a new two-screen controller offering unprecedented performance in its tier, which will be shown alongside the QX-60, featuring an optional high-power discrete graphics card and long-term Windows 7 support.

    Fully complimenting this diverse suite of control boards, a pioneering selection of monitors and button decks including a variety of “floating” options and the contemporary, customizable 13.3” Playdeck will also be present.

    In addition, the new, extraordinary generation of Quixant processing and graphical technology, driven by AMD Ryzen Embedded APUs, will make its regional debut.

    Harnessed within the QMax-2 and QXi-7000 products, the long-time gaming industry objective of multi-screen, intensive 4K graphics and ultra-fast processing has now been truly realized.

    “We’re very excited about AGE. It’s a crucial event for us due to the fact that we have a very strong presence in the market, and as such it provides excellent opportunities for discussions with our existing customers, not to mention those experiencing the benefits of Quixant for the first time”, comments John Malin, group sales director.

    “There will be a multitude of new platform and display solutions on show, however equally as important a focus will be education; our Gaming Ecosystem is sure to be a primary topic of discussion, being the unique bedrock upon which our customers can facilitate development resource optimization and quick time-to-market.”