Imperial Pacific’s Saipan VIP business rakes in $1.6b in Nov.

Imperial Pacific, which opened a temporary casino on the island of Saipan in July, announced that its VIP business brought in $1.63 billion in its first full month of operations.

The company said in a filing with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that it will announce its VIP roll from the previous month on the second day of each month.

Managing director Yan Shen told Hong Kong reporters in October that the casino has attracted more visitors than expected since the soft launch. It began operations on July 27th, but started VIP gaming on Nov. 1st.

He said the casino had averaged about 5,700 to 5,800 people a day. The temporary casino is to allow the company to generate revenue while its larger resort is being built.

The company has said it would spend as much as $7 billion on a casino resort on the island, with the first phase of the resort to be fully completed within 16 months.