Hyogo governor backs Kobe-Yumeshima boat line

Hyogo Governor Toshizo Ido told a plenary session of his prefectural assembly on Monday that he supports the concept of creating a direct sea link between Kobe city and Yumeshima, as originally proposed by Kobe Mayor Kizo Hisamoto.

As an important part of the Kansai region, Hyogo Prefecture is likely to host some of the satellite facilities of the 2025 World Expo.

On the specific issue of the Yumeshima IR, Governor Ido later told reporters, “Although we have no intention of having any gambling venues inside our prefecture, we would like to tie up with the comprehensive entertainment facilities that are constructed.”

Kobe Mayor Hisamoto revealed last November that he was interested in creating a boat link between his city and Yumeshima at the time of the World Expo. “We want people to go to the Expo from Kobe, and we also want people to come to Kobe from the Expo,” he said.

The distance of Kobe’s Port Island and Kobe Airport from Yumeshima is only about twelve kilometers by boat. A standard passenger boat could be expected to make the trip in about twenty minutes.