Hokkaido Economic Federation backs IR development

The prospects for an IR bid from Hokkaido received a boost on Tuesday when the Hokkaido Economic Federation declared itself in support of an IR development.

Despite the interest of three local governments, prefecture-wide political support for an IR has been notably lacking, so the endorsement of the Hokkaido Economic Federation may ultimately prove to be vital.

“Our federation believes that the introduction of an IR should be promoted for the sake of its extremely large economic ripple effects, as well as innovation in tourism, human resources, industrial technology, and transportation for the future faced by Hokkaido,” the statement read.

The statement also noted that countermeasures against gambling addiction and other negative impacts must also be addressed so as to reduce public anxiety.

While the position of the Hokkaido Economic Federation is unlikely to matter much if opposition parties win either the gubernatorial or prefectural assembly elections in April, it could have a major impact should conservative forces remain in control of the prefectural government.