Goa offshore casinos given six more months on Mandovi River

Unable to resolve any alternative location, the Goa state cabinet has decided to give the half dozen offshore casinos another six months to remain on the Mandovi River.

Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant has been promising to finally move the floating casinos since he assumed office in March 2019, but what has occurred instead is a continuous process of granting further six month delays, because no alternative sites have been secured.

Goa Ports Minister Michael Lobo has even argued for an opposite approach as recently as February, calling for the offshore casinos to remain where they are and for additional casinos to be licensed in other areas, as a tourism and revenue boosting measure.

The overall political view, however, appears to be that due to the complaints of some local people, the offshore casinos should still be moved.

Sawant ordered operations at all casinos suspended in mid-March due to Covid-19 infection concerns, and although he has permitted a partial easing of restrictions as of April 20, no date for the reopening of markets, malls, restaurants, and casinos has yet been provided.