Goa gaming commission still on the backburner

While recognized as an important issue to address, the Goa state government is keeping the creation of a permanent gaming commission on the backburner for the time being.

Minister for Ports Michael Lobo told the local media on Wednesday, “For now, the top priority for the state government and the chief minister is resumption of mining activities. The day mining starts, the chief minister will take up all other issues concerning the casino industry. Or else, people will think that the chief minister is framing policies for casinos and no policy or decision to protect the livelihood of lakhs of people dependent on mining.”

There is also increased discussion of moving the offshore casinos at Goa to the land.

The state of Goa proposed the creation of a gaming commission as early as 2012, but has yet to take action. In its absence, the state government recently created a special inspection team to check on a host of compliance matters at the existing casinos.