G8C blockchain innovations

With the phenomena of cryptocurrency and blockchain making waves around the world in recent years, it was only a matter of time before they reached the online casino industry.

GanaEight Coin Limited, part of the Ganapati Group, is looking to be at the forefront of this movement. The group has already made a name for itself this year in the iGaming industry with its distinctive Japanese slot games and is building on this success by developing its own ICO, known as the G8C token.

The G8C token represents an innovative way of bridging the gap between virtual assets and online casinos, with the creation of its own blockchain online casino platform on which it can be used. Where the G8C differs from other legal currencies and cryptocurrencies is that it does not need to be exchanged into chips to be bet on a casino site, making betting direct, quick and easy. This is reinforced by the lack of GAS transmission fees – players will not be charged to bet with G8C on its original blockchain.

A further noteworthy feature of the G8C platform is the offline function – an advanced function not yet available in existing online casinos, enabling play at any time, in any place.

In this initiative, the Ganapati Group endeavours to apply both its in-depth knowledge of blockchain technology and unique approach to the online casino world, whilst ensuring complete compliance with local legislation.

This has been guaranteed by the appointment of certified lawyers, Hayato Terai and Dr Kristina C. Deguara, as co-CEOs of GanaEight Coin Limited.

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