Former Goa CM demands casino entry hike, tourism plan underway

A former chief minister of Goa, Churchill Alemao, has demanded that the casino entry fees for Goans be hiked in order to protect youths, local media reports.

Churchill Alemao was the chief minister of Goa in the early 1990’s, and is a member of the Legislative Assembly representing the Nationalist Congress Party.

“Today a lot of Goan people and youth have lost all their money and have spoiled their lives by playing at the casinos because of the cheap entry fee. I demand that the entry fee for the people of Goa at casinos should be increased,” he said.

Meanwhile, Goa’s tourism minister, Manohar ‘Babu’ Ajgaonkar on Tuesday announced plans for developing a tourism policy in the state, which may include the shifting of Goa’s offshore casinos to land.

Ajgaonkar said that work of preparing a tourism plan is underway – aimed at developing various tourist spots for visitors.