Fewer hotels fully booked this Dec holidays: MS

A Macau hotel survey from Morgan Stanley has revealed there have been fewer hotels fully booked during the current holiday period, than the previous year.

According to the survey, less than 50 percent (11 out of 23) hotels in Macau are fully booked for at least four nights between Dec 21 and Jan 1, compared to last year’s 62 percent.

Morgan Stanley said this may be due to additional rooms added including MGM Cotai and Morpheus during the year.

The brokerage noted that grind mass hotels such as Sands Macau and Holiday Inn have seen occupancy rates increases, while hotels such as Wynn Palace, Ritz Carlton and Banyan Tree are seeing lower rates increases.

The brokerage also notes that MGM Cotai has maintained higher occupancy since October Golden Week, suggesting strong demand.