Dynam Japan installs video slots at Ponte 16 Macau Resort

In an announcement to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, pachinko firm Dynam Japan revealed that it had installed ten of its new video slot machines at the Ponte 16 Macau Resort.

The ten machines included three separate models: Fortune Frogs (Pachinko Bonus Series); Fortune Frogs-In Mid-Autumn (Pachinko Bonus Series); and Double Frogs (Half Chance Series).

Dynam developed these slots in partnership with its business partner, Weike Gaming Technology.

At the end of last November, Dynam installed the same three models of video slot machines at the Legend Palace Casino in Macau, which represented its debut into the market.

The company statement added, “Moving forward, through the partnership with Weike, the company intends to continue developing the successors of the above models and other various models winning the hearts of users, enhance the recognition of those models, let more users play them and exploit the mass market in the Macau casino industry.”