Duterte warns police against gambling at Okada

Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte has warned police not to set foot in Okada Manila, an integrated resort in Paranaque City, saying it attracts “the lowlife in society”.

The president made the comments on Thursday at the launch of the Cavite Gateway Terminal.

Speaking to media, Duterte said that he didn’t want to see a police car near Okada Manila unless they were assigned to provide security there.

He threatened to dismiss any police officer disobeying his order and said he may call in the elite Scout Rangers to patrol the area.

“If I lose my patience I will call the Rangers. You patrol there, from Fort Magsaysay. You choose. Either the military will do the patrolling there or you go out of the place there,” he said.

“I do not want to see any law enforcement guy there either in uniform or civilian clothes,” he added.

In response, Okada Manila released a statement on Thursday night saying that it “fully supports President Duterte’s call for vigilance against erring members of the police force,” and that it would cooperate and coordinate with the proper authorities on this matter.