DICJ imposes tight data protection measures

    The Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau on Monday has imposed an instruction which prohibits gaming concessionaires and junkets from sharing any data it holds around its customers and their gaming activities to third parties, Macau News Agency reports. 

    The instruction was signed by DICJ director Paulo Martins Chan and comes into force on Monday, September 23. 

    According to MNA, it defines information on gambling activities or operations as “all data related to the individual and object of the gambling activities, or related to the operation of casinos and gambling activities, including but not limited to the personal data, place of origin or nationality, profession or the gambling clients’ activity and other information such as their representatives or accompanying persons, the time of entry into and out of the casino or the gaming table, the amount of bets, the credit, the amount of the bet placed, the payment of prizes and the purchase and redemption of chips (tickets), slot machines tickets (tokens), etc.”

    An exception to this prohibition can only come through consent or power of attorney from the interested parties, and in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act. However, permission must also come from the DICJ for each act of transfer, it said. 

    Some experts speaking to Macau News Agency said the latest rules were “at the very least strange” and likely to have a strong impact on gaming concessionaires – as it violates commercial law norms, and prevents information exchange between parent companies and others. 

    The DICJ however, maintained that the measures will help keep the sector growing healthily. 

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