Deltin Caravela to shifts to another end of River Mandovi

Upon request from the Deltin Group, the state government has given permission to the owner of the “Deltin Caravela” casino vessel to shift to the other end of the River Mandovi, due to heavy rolling and pitching on tide changes – which has caused discomfort to guests. 

According to local reports, the Deltin Group had originally requested to be moved to the Betim side of the river, which was turned down. 

“I have cleared the file and the order has been issued by the government allowing change in the location of ‘Deltin Caravela’,” said Minister for Ports Michael Lobo, adding that the vessel will be shifted to its new location in the next few days.

The Deltin Group owns three casino vessels currently including Deltin Royale, Deltin Jaqk and Deltin Caravela – all of which are anchored in the Mandovi.

Casinos in the Mandovi River have been due to move out of their locations for some time, with the government seen dragging their feet in identifying an alternate location. 

Asked about this subject, Lobo said that the Captain of Ports is now in the process of identifying the locations near the Aguada Bay.