Crownbet CEO calls for ACCC investigation into Sky Channel

Crownbet chief executive Matthew Tripp has called for an ACCC investigation into Tabcorp’s Sky Channel regarding its broadcast rights hold over almost all forms of racing in Australia.

Earlier this week, Tabcorp’s chief executive David Attenborough blamed the online wagering industry for the government’s new stance on betting advertising, saying the crackdown is a result of the wagering industry being unable to regulate themselves.

The Tabcorp executive said his rivals were only able to spend so much on ads due to the low tax they pay in comparison to Tabcorp.

In response, Tripp told the AFR that he “”would gladly swap places with Tabcorp any time and pay the tax they pay,” adding that Tabcorp had an advantage over its competitors due to having an extensive retail network around the country and Sky Channel’s broadcast rights to all forms of racing.

“They have a retail network of more than 2000 outlets in places like shopping centres, pubs and clubs and at racetracks, which gives their brand plenty of exposure, and that is an exclusive arrangement they get for playing taxes,” said Tripp.

“They also have Sky Channel, which has virtually all of racing wrapped up. We’ve written to the ACCC to look at that too, because it looks like a virtual monopoly to me.”