Construction companies lining up for Yumeshima development

Following the May announcement by the major construction company Obayashi Corporation that it had established a nine-member project team for the development of Yumeshima island, Osaka, another major player, the Kajima Corporation, followed suit last month with the announcement that it had set up an eleven-member team for the same purpose.

The Osaka prefectural and city governments hope to build both a large-scale IR at Yumeshima by 2024 and then, should they win their bid, to host the 2025 World Expo on the same man-made island.

If these local government hopes come to fruition, it will open up the possibility for massive contracts for the major Japanese construction companies, and opportunities for some smaller firms as well. Each construction company is seeking its own slice of the pie.

Some indication of the breadth of interest can be perceived in the fact that at least fourteen construction firms have so far signed on to become “Official Partners” in Osaka’s campaign for the 2025 World Expo.

In addition to the big five—Obayashi, Kajima, Shimizu, Taisei, and Takenaka—are a host of smaller firms: Asunaro Aoki Construction, Haseko Corporation, Kumagai Gumi, Sumitomo Mitsui Construction, Mori-Gumi, Muramoto Corporation, JDC Corporation, Okumura Corporation, and Takamatsu Corporation.