Comprehensive Live Casino

Lotus Gaming has been providing its live casino platform to the international market for more than three years. The company is continuously reaching new heights with its progressive multi-gaming platform, which contains Baccarat, Roulette, Sic-bo, Dragon Tiger, Red & White, Hold’em and multiple slot games. We provide an experience of real-time live streaming with a vivid user interface.

Lotus Gaming offers a comprehensive platform that allows you to engage in various games. The strength of this service is that all games within the platform can be enjoyed conveniently with a universal game credit. Users can play live Baccarat and bet on slot games at the same time.

Our primary function enables users to play games directly from a mobile browser without any installation.

HTML5 can provide user convenience even in the presence of an unstable network connection. It can transmit game results even when the video can be toggled on and off. The integration of the HTML5 format has gained a favorable response from the international market.

It enables the player to enjoy existing side bets even when playing at a current table. We assure you that there will be no dull moment on your live casino experience because Lotus Gaming lets you mix it up with other side betting variants. 

The Preferred Pattern function allows users to set their preference when it comes to game trends. Lotus’ interface automatically alerts players  if their desired pattern appears in any of the tables. It maximizes the gaming experience as our players can easily access and monitor trends at the tables at the same time.