China warns on bad behavior

China’s National Tourism Administration has warned its citizens against bad behavior when travelling overseas, with gambling listed as one of the nine social ills to avoid.

Persons found to be in violation will have their information recorded in a black book, which will be kept for a period of one to three years (or three to five years if a person has committed a crime).

Other bad behaviors include drug taking, prostitution and unhygienic behavior whilst in public.

However, Union Gaming said in a note that it doesn’t expect the latest warning, which is identical to one issued last year, to have any effect, as the CNTA doesn’t have the authority to enforce its decree.

“We suspect the CNTA has not compiled this list based on direct orders from Beijing to try and hamper the nascent mass market growth story in Macau. Rather, we suspect the CNTA is just doing its part to talk tough as it relates to the ongoing anti-corruption / anti-extravagance campaigns with VIP being most closely associated,” the note said.

“Other than the occasional arrests of Korean casino marketing agents inside of mainland China we are unaware of any enforcement actions taken related to overseas gambling and we would be surprised if there were any negative ramifications going forward following this year’s publication,” it added.

Union Gaming said it has not heard of any visitor to Macau, or other gambling destinations, ending up on the aforementioned black book.