China considers reopening online lottery sales

The chinese government is considering restarting its online lottery operations following a year-long suspension, local media reports.

According to the Economic Observer who quotes an anonymous industry insider, Beijing officials are planning to launch the trial of a new online lottery regime, but only after the government crafts the necessary regulations. The paper quoted a source as saying authorities have a supportive attitude toward restarting online lottery sales.

According to the source, companies will not need to get approvals from authorities, but will need to pass qualification checks from lottery issuers – the National Welfare Lottery Center and the National Sports Lottery Center.

In March last year, China’s Ministry of Finance pointed to “rampant irregularities” in online lottery sales in the country, putting a ban on all online lottery sales in the country.

Compounded by China’s slowing economy, lottery sales fell 3.8 percent in 2015.