Chiba City Still Investigating IR Bid

Chiba is a third municipality in the Japanese capital region still actively mulling the possibility of an IR bid. This was revealed by Chiba’s response to the recent central government survey of all 47 prefectures and 20 designated cities, according to a report in the Asahi Shinbun.

Yokohama, Tokyo, Chiba all responded that IR bids were “under consideration.”

This is more-or-less in line with Chiba Chiba Governor Kensaku Morita’s June comments that his position remained a “blank slate” on the possibility of a bid.

Unlike Yokohama and Tokyo, however, Chiba city has not been actively commissioning studies about a possible IR bid and has remained outwardly passive.

Yokohama Mayor Fumiko Hayashi stated in September that she expects that there will ultimately be only a single bid emerging from the capital region, though there is no sign yet of any policy coordination among the three municipalities.