Casino Taipa reopens, unlikely to generate significant revenue

SJM Holdings’ Casino Taipa has reopened, after eight years, though is unlikely to generate substantial extra revenue for the operator due to its small size and location, Union Gaming wrote in a note.

The casino is situated in the Regency Art Hotel and has 5 tables and 112 electronic gaming seats, together with slots.

The casino is a “self-promoted” SJM casino, rather than a satellite casino and is likely operating under a license that has been dormant for some time, Union Gaming notes.

“We are not inclined to change our forward estimates for SJM at this point as we do not believe Casino Taipa will generate material revenues or profits,” it said. “To put the scale of Casino Taipa in perspective, we note that its 5 tables represent just 0.3 percent of SJM’s total supply, while its 112 slots represent 4 percent of company-wide supply.”