Best Sunshine details plans for luxury Saipan resort

Best Sunshine International has detailed plans for its luxury resort on Saipan, saying rooms will be about three times the size of those currently available on the South Pacific island.

Local media cited senior vice president Tao Xing as saying at a press conference that the property will be the “most luxurious” integrated resort in the world.

Phase I project at the old Samoan Housing site in Garapan, will include a “huge dragon” making its way down the ceiling of the 14-story casino-hotel designed by U.S. architect Paul Curtis Steelman.

The smallest room in the Grand Mariana casino-hotel will be about 1,200 sq. ft., about three times the size of currently available standard rooms.

For Phase II, the company is eyeing a mix of public and private land. It will be 10 times larger than the Garapan site which comprises a total of about four hectares and will have about 2,000 to 4,000 rooms.

Meanwhile, Yan Shen, managing director of Best Sunshine’s parent company Imperial Pacific, told Hong Kong reporters that a temporary casino opened on the island has attracted more visitors than expected.

He said the casino had averaged about 5,700 to 5,800 people a day since opening in July. The temporary casino is to allow the company to generate revenue while its larger resort is being built.