BBIN & TGB Charity invite you to imagine a life without clean water

TGB Charity, a charity brand established by BBIN, has launched a series of interactive audio-visual events in recognition of World Water Day on March 22. 

Through interactive video and social media games, users around the world are invited to experience the importance of safe water and the severe consequences the global water crisis poses to those living in it every day. As part of this initiative, TGB Charity is also supporting, an international nonprofit organization, donating $50,000 USD to help bring safe water to families in need around the world.

The event will be promoted across global media networks and free to participate on TGB Charity’s official platforms for two months starting in March. The interactive video is about one-minute long and aims to deliver the message that water is limited, hard to access and polluted for people around the world and how each issue impacts daily life. The storyline is designed in a parallel universe where each person has only one bucket of water to use every day, thus inviting people to think deeply about their water consumption during their daily routines and activities. The plot unfolds differently depending on the choices made at the key parts of the storyline. In addition, AR filter games are also made available on TGB Charity Facebook page. Through fun and engaging interactive experiences, TGB Charity hopes to draw more public attention to the global water crisis. is an international nonprofit organization that empowers people in need with access to safe water and sanitation through affordable financing. It was co-founded by celebrity Matt Damon and water expert Gary White. Different from the way that many charities operate, utilizes a micro-lending model to break down the financial barrier to water and sanitation. Partnering with local financial institutions, helps connect families in need with small loans. Families use these loans to install a water or sanitation solution, such as a water tap or toilet, in their homes.  No longer needing to wait in long lines or walk miles each day to collect water, time, energy, and other resources can be invested in school, work, and family – giving many the opportunity to break from a cycle of poverty. It is a proven and powerful solution that has changed more than 26 million lives around the world.

In the future, TGB Charity will continue to draw public attention to global issues related but not limited to the environment, education, children, sharing love and warmth to the world and give beyond through each of its events.

TGB Charity’s Interactive Video, “Imagine a Life Without Clean Water” can be found here.

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